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Home made fettuccine with vegetables

Home made fettuccine with spinach,carrots and beetroots
Jufka (petarishte) shtepie me spinaq,karrota dhe panxhar


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Role me spinaq

Sot po ndaj me ju nje recete shume te thjeshte per role me spinaq.
Per pergatitjen e saj perdora :

Per brumin e peteve:
300 gr miell
1 luge gjelle maja buke
pak kos

per harxhin:
400 gr spinaq
pak koper dhe majdanoz
nje tufe me qepe te njoma

pak vaj per ti hedhur petes siper

nje te bardhe veze dhe pakez black cumin per te lyer byreckat siper .


Pergatitet brumi dhe hapen petet.Sperkasni pak vaj siper saj pasi ta hapni.
Grini spinaqin, qepet, majdanozin dhe kopren holle.Kete mase hidheni mbi pete dhe me tej mblidheni peten ne forme ruloje dhe me tej priteni ne copa te vogla.Lyjini copat me te bardhen e vezes dhe hidhini dhe black cumin siper.
Piqeni ne furren e ngrohur me pare me 180 gr C. deri sa te piqen.

Ju befshin mire!

English translation:

For the dough :
300 gr flour
1 tablespoon baking yeast
some  yogurt

for the filling:
400 gr spinach
some chopped dill and  parsley
a bunch of green onions

a little amount of oil to be used to cover the rolls layers.
an egg white and  some Black Cumin for covering of the rolls

After preparing the dough and letting it wait for a while covering it with some wet fabric , take small portions from it and open them using a dough roller. Remember to use some starch while doing it , it helps. Try to open the dough as much as you can.
Chop the spinach, onions, parsley and dill finely. Afterwards put this mix on the opened dough layers and roll it .Cut it in small parts afterwards.  Cover them with the egg white and put black cumin seeds above. Cook in oven previously heated in180 C until they are ready.

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