Baked Spiced Sardines / Tave aromatike sardelesh


I love sardines.Let them be fried, cooked, or baked.They`re always so tasty :)I tend to love small fishes better than big ones, since they tend to be very fatty and not so tasty , at least according to me.

They are  very rich of B12 vitamin, omega 3 – fatty acids, vitamin D, potassium, phosphorus, calcium and also iron , selenium and protein.Since they are one of the most affordable fishes, they are also budget friendly 🙂

In my opinion the healthiest and yummiest way of eating them is baking them or cooking them in a pan, instead of frying them.

Here come the ingredients for the baked spiced sardine recipe of mine 🙂

1/2 kg of sardines

4 medium ripen tomatoes thinly chopped

2 medium onions finely chopped

10  garlic cloves, minced

a handful  of  fresh parsley ,chopped

3-5 bay leaves

salt, black pepper seasoning

5 spoons of olive oil , to be  sprayed over

Place the onions on the baking tin. Meanwhile mix the tomatoes, garlic ,parsley  together and put them over the onions. In the end place the sardines and the bay leaves over them.Add some salt & black pepper and spray the olive oil over all.
Put it to be baked on the preheated oven  at 180°C, until it`s ready.

Bon Appétit


Vdes per sardele 🙂 Sido qe te jene gatuar ato .Jane gjithnje shume te shijshme.Ne pergjithesi kam tendence te pelqej peshqit me te vegjel pasi jane me pak te yndyrshem sipas mendimit tim.

Sardelet jane te pasure ne vitaminen B12, acidet yndyrore omega 3 , vitaminen D, Potasium,Fosfor, Kalcium, si dhe Hekur & Selenium dhe proteina.

Nisur dhe nga fakti qe nuk jane te shtrenjta, i vijne per shtat dhe buxhetit tuaj 🙂
Sipas meje menyra me e shendetshme dhe e shijshme per ti gatuar sardelet , eshte te piqen ne furre apo te gatuhen ne tenxhere dhe jo te skuqen.

Permbajtjesit qe perdora ne receten time per taven aromatike sardelesh jane 🙂

1/2 kg sardele

4 domate mesatare te pjekura, te prera holle

2 qepe mesatare, te prera holle

10 thelbinj hudhre , te grira

nje dore e mire me majdanoz te fresket , te prere holle

3-5 gjthe dafine

kripe dhe piper i zi per ereza

5 luge vaj ulliri per tu sperkatur siper

Vendosni qepet si nje shtrese te pare ne tave.Me tej shtoni siper tyre domatet, majdanozin, , hudhrat .Vazhdoni njesoj me sardelet duke i vene siper domateve dhe pastaj shtoni dhe kripe , piperin e zi dhe gjethet e dafines siper.Ne fund sperkatini me vajin e ullirit.

Vijeni taven ne furren e ngrohur me pare ne temperaturen 180° dhe lijeni deri sa te piqet.

Ju befte mire!


ps: Today Yummania is 6 years old:) thanks to all of you for following:)

ps: Sot Yummania ka pervjetorin e 6 🙂 falemderit te gjitheve qe me ndiqni:)

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My interview at Russian Chief magazine:)

Last month i was asked to give an interview to the Russian `Chief` printed magazine.
To read it you may check this link

Thanks to my friend Xenia for making it happen;) 522650_501938339839080_408144292_n

385140_501938346505746_2053022197_nShe`s the photo editor of the may check her photography work as well as her food page..note: the hasure photos belong to her:)

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here`s a link that Cirkumfleks zine posted about my work.check it out and support me at if you want:)

p.s i know , this post it`s not related to food or cooking , but anyways;)

(Cirkumfleks) Magazine

“i like to show the expressive and emotional side of the humans and dreams .i enjoy capturing them using old,nowadays and new era`s mediums in order to mold their auras spraying a hint of soul inside”.

Eni Turkeshi on


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Caramelized cake – Kek me shtrese karameli

This cake is super easy to do and came out to be very delicious.A good choice for an autumn evening to have eat along with your favorite cup of tea:)

Ingredients for caramelized cake :

75 gr sugar for the caramel
100 gr of sugar for the cake
4 eggs
150 ml milk
300 gr flour
100 ml oil
1 table spoon of baking powder

Firstly prepare the caramel with 75 gr of sugar.Afterwards pour it over the cake`s baking pan.
Use the first 3 eggs, milk and 50 mg of sugar.Whisk them thoroughly.Afterwards pour them over the caramel layer on the same cake baking pan.
In another bowl mix the left egg, flour,baking powder, the rest of the 50 gr of sugar and oil altogether.Pour this mix on the same cake baking pan over the caramel and other mixture.
Bake the cake at 180° until it`s ready.
Bon Appétit !


Ky ishte nje kek shume i kendshem dhe mjaft i pelqyeshem per tu ngrene ne keto nete vjeshte i shoqeruar me cajin tuaj te preferuar:)

Permbajtja per kekun:

75 gr sheqer per te pergatitur karamelin
100 gr sheqer
4 veze
150 gr qumesht
100 ml vaj
300 gr miell
1 luge sode buke

Se pari pergatisni karamelin me 75 gr sheqer.Me tej hidheni ate tek forma e kekut.
Me tej ne nje tas perzini 3 veze, 150 ml qumesht dhe 50 gr sheqer.Hidheni kete miksture mbi karamelin.
Ne nje tas tjeter me tej hidhni vezen qe mbeti,300 gr miell,100 ml vaj dhe soden e bukes.Perzijini keto deri sa te arrini nje miksture homogjene.Shtojeni dhe kete te fundit ne te njejtin vend siper karamelit dhe mikstures tjeter.

Lijni kekun te piqet ne 180° deri sa te jete gati.

Ju befte mire!

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from TWTGE the flower issue, July 2012


Hi Eni, please introduce yourself.

Hello guys, I`m Eni from Albania, I`m a visual artist focused mainly in photography but I like experimenting with many art mediums as well. Occasionally I`m also a food blogger. I love to take pictures of the food I cook, or the atmosphere of the kitchen and other places I eat, drink, have a talk with friends, read etc. I have always enjoyed the long talks with friends, taking part in the kitchen while having a nice meal. I think for that reason kitchen is very important and warm place in the house. I enjoy colorful, cute, cozy kitchens filled with nice stuff. In my opinion, food should also be colorful and eye appealing, not only something satiating. It should firstly fulfill your senses.

When and how was Yummania born?

It was December 2006 , the time I thought to start this blog. I thought about the name and decided to call Yummania

View original post 637 more words

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Yummania gets flattered:)

By the sweet the world through green eyes page today, as one of the 10 cool blogs to be read as a book:)
that`s flattering thanks guys 🙂

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Roasted aubergines with pizza cheese and tomato / Patllixhane te pjekur me djathe pice dhe domate


To make this super easy & super yummy dish you`ll need:

8 eggplants
4 tomatoes
pizza cheese
16 garlic cloves
a little amount of olive oil to spray over the aubergines

Cut the aubergines into four parts as shown in the figure.Let them in salty water for a while.Afterwards don`t rinse them from the salty water , just take them from the bowl.Put them to be baked in the oven adding some garlic and basil over them.Pour some olive oil over them.
After they are baked for a while , add the pizza cheese and tomato slices over each aubergine part.
You can add some pepper over them.Then let them to be baked for some more time.
Bon Appétit !

Per te pergatitur kete recete do t`ju duhen:

8 patllexhane
4 domate
16 thelbinj hudhrash
piper i zi
fare pak vaj per te lyer taven dhe per te sperkatur siper patllexhaneve

Pritini patllexhanet me 4sh sipas formes qe shihni dhe ne figure.Lijini pak ne uje me kripe qe ti ike hidhesia, por me vone mos i shpelani , qe te perdorni kripen qe eshte perzier me to dhe mos shtoni kripe tjeter.
Vijini ne tave per ti pjekur dhe shtojini siper dhe hudhrat dhe borzilokun. Sperkatini pakez vaj ulliri siper.Pasi te piqen per nje periudhe , nxirreni taven dhe shtojini siper djathin e pices dhe feten e domates si dhe piper te zi nese deshironi.
Lijeni te piqen serish deri sa te marrin nje ngjyre te kuqerremte.

Ju befte mire!

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Vegetarian Lasagne / Llazanje vegjetariane

Making of vegetarian lasagne was absolutely easy and the result was much more tasty (according to me :).
The title says it all.Instead of the normally used ingredients , this time vegetables was used.To make it ever more healthy the top was covered with yoghurt and feta cheese and not with BĂ©chamel sauce.
Ingredients for vegetable lasagne:

fresh sheets of lasagne pasta (you can use ready made ones or make them yourself)
chopped carrots zucchini , aubergines,peppers .(2 from each)
a handful of chopped dill
small amount of olive oil
black pepper

For the upper covering :
some feta cheese and homemade yoghurt

The lasagne sheets are boiled in the water.The vegetables will be cooked in pressure cooking.This will make you save unnecessary oil and time and they will taste so much better. You can add some olive oil and salt to the pressure cooker.Add the dill after they are ready.
Put the sheets of lasagne pasta and add the vegetables over them.Repeat this as many times you want.

Mix the yoghurt and feta cheese together in one bowl. Put this mixture over the last lasagna sheet.
Afterwards bake the lasagna at 180° until it`s ready.

I hope you`ll enjoy this version, i did a lot:)
Bon Appétit !

Per llazanjen vegjetariane do t`ju duhen:

pete llazanje (mund ti pergatisni dhe vete ose ti perdorni te gatshme)
karrota,kunguj,patllexhane,speca te prera ne forma te vogla kubike (2 cope per cdo perime)
nje grusht me koper te grire holle
pak vaj ulliri
piper i zi

ne vend te sosit Beshamel u perdor : kos shtepie dhe djathe i bardhe

Zijini petat e llazanjes.
Perimet gatuajini ne presion duke i shtuar pak vaj ulliri, kripe dhe piper.Do te behen me te shijshme dhe do te evitoni yndyrnat e teperta.Ne fund shtoni dhe kopren siper tyre.
Shtrojini petat e llazanjes ne tepsi dhe siper tyre vini perimet me kopren.
Kur te mbaroni me shtrimin e petes se fundit te llazanjes mbulojeni kete te fundit me miksin me kos dhe djathe te bardhe.
Piqeni llazanjen ne furre me 180° deri sa te jete gati.
Shpresoj t`ju shijoje kjo lloj llazanje.Mua me shijoi shume:)

Ju befte mire:)

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Nice memories and one Albanian traditional recipe:)

Last year at the school i was a student i had the good chance to cook Albanian food to 80 Danes:) The school`s chef helped me a lot with it actually i owe it to her:) It all started one day i was whining on how much i missed Albanian pie.
So she decided to make an Albanian food day:)Yay!
I decided to cook Tave Elbasani a traditional Albanian recipe, as well as some pie and oregano bread.As per dessert i cooked tresleches , but that`s not Albanian anyways:)
Now i still can`t believe that inly 2 people (me and her) did everything in 5 hours ;)For a moment i thought i was a protagonist of `Run Lola Run` 😉 But that`s fine, i had so much fun:)
Tave Elbasani is a traditional Albanian recipe where you mix the lamb meat with yoghurt, but actually you can do it with other kind of meat as well,so we decided to use chicken as a lighter version:)
We used a total of 140 chicken thighs;) The chef told me people might wanna eat more than one thigh per each person.How right she was:)


Ingredients for TAVE ELBASANI

140 chicken thighs
8 lt yoghurt(Greek or Turkish full fat yoghurt)
7 cups of rice
10 chicken bouillons
20 eggs
20 spoons of flour

that was the ingredients for 80 people;) do yourself the math for your family:)

The chicken thighs were boiled first [reminder: don`t boil the lamb meat only the chicken one has to be boiled first the lamb can be just baked]..Please don`t forget to add the bouillons to the water before boiling them.

I let the rice get slightly softened in water for a while, but not totally boiled.

Afterwards put the rice and chicken thighs on the baking tin.

I mixed all the yoghurt, eggs, salt ,pepper ,flour altogether.
Then i poured them over the boiled chicken thighs and rice adding some butter over it.
Then put them to be baked under 180° in the oven.
Make sure to let it be baked until the upper surface gets a slightly brownish color.
When it gets so you now it`s ready:)

Unfortunately i didn`t have the camera with me that time so i missed the chance to take lots of photos, but thanks to the chef , i got 1 memory pic from her.Here it is 🙂


Conclusion? Everybody loved the Albanian oregano bread, tomato-onion pie and Tave Elbasani.Tresleches was also very much nicely commented but that`s not Albanian anyways;)
I was glad and proud to see how the recipes of my country were so much liked and how everyone was so eager to get the recipes from me in order to do them theirselves:)

So if you haven`t tried this yet, do now;) I`m sure you`re gonna like it too:)

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duke filluar qe sot do te mund ti gjeni postimet e Yummania dhe tek faqja ..nen kategorine Eni Turkeshi:)
starting from today you`ll find my posts at under the category `Eni

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Homemade jams

in the pic (home made apricot,black cherry,quince,figs,red cherry jams)

How do you make your homemade jams? Usually the technique i use is boiling together 1 kg of sugar per 1 kg of fruit.Sometimes i add a pinch of cinnamon to that.And for some other jams , like watermelon jam for example , lime using is a must before boiling of the watermelon shell with sugar.
Actually i like to use half amount of the sugar and a lot of lemon juice and zest but this makes them not long lasting.
What are your techniques of making home made jam?

in the pic (home made quince jam)

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Yummania gets featured on TWGE art zine:)

Yummania has been published on TWGE art zine on the `flower issue`.This is the first time Yummania gets published ,apart from my other publications on my photography.TWGE a.k.a THE WORLD THROUGH GREEN EYES it`s a very cute and beautiful zine on nature, ecology and environment.

I gave an interview about my blog Yummania, where i shared my thoughts on how this blog came out, on food ,some recipes and some thoughts about photography and the way i use flowers and veggies in it as well:) So it was a multidisciplinary interview i`d say:)

You can read the full interview from this link: (btw pages 141-149)




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Roasted veggies/Perime te pjekura


Roasted veggies are a great and healthy treat during all the year, but i`d guess summer is the best time ever to try them, since all the vegetables are fresh and much more tasty.
For this simple dish you`ll need:

For 3-4 persons:

5-6 ripe tomatoes
6 zucchini
5 eggplants

5 peppers
some garlic cloves
one onion if you wish
olive oil
salt,black pepper, oregano

Cut the veggies in thin , circular shapes. Chop the garlic and onion as well. Mix the  veggies with the onion and garlic + the salt,pepper and oregano. Place them in a flat plate and pour some olive oil over them. Bake them under   175 °  until they are ready.

Tip: i add some vinegar while serving`s  up to you of course , to add it or not 😉

Bon Appétit !

Shqip- Albanian

Per te pergatitur 1 tave me perime te pjekura per 3-4 persona ju duhen:

5-6 domate te pjekura

6 kunguj

5 patllexhane

5 speca


qepe sipas deshires

vaj ulliri

kripe,piper i zi, rigon

Prejini  perimet ne forme rrethore dhe holle.Pritni ne copa te imta dhe qepen dhe hudhrat.Perzijini perimet me qepen & hudhrat si dhe kripen,piperin dhe rigonin.Vendosini mbi nje tepsi te holle dhe sperkatni vaj ulliri siper tyre. Lijeni te piqen ne furre nen 175 ° deri sa te behen.

Shenim: Pasi piqen , tek i servir une i shtoj dhe pak uthull siper.Por kjo eshte sipas deshires suaj sigurisht:)

Ju befte mire!

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Refreshing tip of the day : Green tea with basil & lemon icecubes


Another refreshing tip for these hot days is : green tea with basil & lemon juice icecubes.
For the icecubes : use some fresh squeezed lemon juice and basil leaves and mix them with water.
Mix the icecubes with the green tea afterwards:) It`s a real treat in these days:)


Shqip- Albanian

Caj jeshil me kubike akulli me borzilok dhe leng limoni.Shtrydhni pak leng limoni dhe perzijeni me uje dhe gjethe borziloku.Me tej hidheni ne format qe perdorni per kuba akujsh.Perzijeni me cajin pasi te jene gati.
Ju befte mire!



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Walnut & albumen cookies


I`ve always loved this kind of cookies:) The preparation is very easy and you get cookies superb and peculiar taste.
They are quite popular in Albania, but in Turkey as well.



10 egg whites (or albumen)
400 gr walnuts
200 gr of sugar
1 flat spoon of starch

Chop the walnuts in very small pieces using an electronic chopper. Whisk the egg whites until you get this foamy, sticky form.Then mix the walnuts,sugar and walnuts together.Put them all in a deep pan and stir them for about 20 minutes so you`ll get a thick mixture.Take it of the pan and put it in a bowl.Mix it with the starch and let it wait in the fridge for a while.
Take it from the fridge and form the cookies in the shapes that you want out the mixture .Bake it under 150 ° C until they are ready.
Bon Appétit !


Albanian – Shqip

Receta e biskotave me arra


10 te bardha veze
400 gr arra
200 gr sheqer
1 luge e rrafshet niseshteje

Copetojini arrat mire ne mikser.Rrihini te bardhat e vezeve sa te perfitoni masen e shkumuar dhe ngjitese.Perzijini vezet,arrat dhe sheqerin bashke dhe me tej vijini ne nje tenxhere dhe perzijini per 20 minuta deri sa te trashet ca masa.Me tej hiqini prej tenxheres dhe vijini ne nje tas .Shtojini dhe niseshtene dhe perzijini.Lijini ne frigorifer per nje kohe .Me tej hiqeni prej andej dhe krijoni format qe deshironi per biskotat.Piqeni ne 150 ° C ne furre deri sa te jene gati.
Ju befshin mire!


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Photography facebook fanpage















If you guys like the photos of this blog , you can maybe have a look and join my photography fanpage on facebook;)

stay tunned:)

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Refreshing tip of the day : Cold fruit salad


Fruit salads are some of the best things to eat during hot summer days. Nutritious and energizing , they are a must to fight the fatigue caused by dehydration.
To make this super easy fruit salad i used:


Half a melon
2 nectarines
2 apricots
half a banana
one slice of watermelon

Take the seeds of the melon away , to create a natural fruit bowl:) Cut the nectarines,apricots and banana in small pieces.Fill the melon with all of them and add the slice of watermelon on top.

Bon Appétit !


Sallate e ftohte me fruta:

Gjysem pjepri
2 nektarina
2 kajsi
gjysem banane
nje cope e vogel shalqi

Pritini nektarinat, kajsite dhe bananet holle.Hidhini te gjitha siper pjeprit te cilin e perdorni si nje tas natyral pasi ti hiqni farat.
Ju befte mire!

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Peshk koce me patate&karrota / Wrasse fish with potatoes&carrots


Peshk koce me patate dhe karrota
Per 2 persona ju duhen:
2 koca
3-4 thelbinj hudhrash
pak kërri
piper i zi
vaj ulliri
leng limoni
Pastrojeni peshkun Rrethojeni peshkun me erezat dhe kripen dhe lereni, ashtu per disa minuta deri sa erezat te te perzihen me peshkun.Me tej vendoseni ne tepsi ku do te shtoni dhe pakez vaj ulliri se bashku me hudhrat ne forme thelbi , patatet dhe karrotat e grira holle.Ne fund hidhini dhe ca leng limoni siper.Mund te vini dhe feta limoni siper taves.Piqeni ne furren e ngrohur me pare ne 180 ° C deri sa te behen.
Ju befte mire!

English version
Wrasse fish with potatoes and carrots
Ingredients for 2 people

2 wrasse fishes
3-4 garlic cloves
small amount of curry
black pepper
olive oil
lemon juice

Clean the fish. Cut the potatoes and carrots in small pieces. Mix the fish with the spices and pepper&salt and let the fragrances mix for a while. Afterwards , put the fishes on the tray and add the potatoes and carrots , as well as the garlic cloves. Pour some olive oil and lemon juice over them. Put it on the preheated oven , under 180 ° C and let them until they are ready.
Bon Appétit !

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Sanduiç qofte me mĂ«ndĂ«rz, perime me salce domateje/ Sandwich mint meatballs with veggies & tomato sauce


Qoftet u bene si zakonisht por kete here ju shtua mëndërz me me shumice.Ishte shume interesant dhe rrites shijeje domonimi i saj tek qoftet.Pervec kesaj beme nje si tip sanduici duke I futur qoftet midis domatesh dhe kungujsh e specash.Mund te them me plot gojen se ja rriti shume lezetin.
Pervec kesaj u pergatit dhe salce domateje e cila u shtura ne tepsi perpara se te viheshin qoftet.
Per ju qe doni te dini receten e shumeditur te qofteve po e jap dhe njehere:
400 gr mish i grire
2 qepe
nje tufe majdanoz
nje veze
pak buke bajate ose miell galete
kripe ,piper i zi

Pritini qepet holle, pritni dhe majdanozin.Copetojeni buken ne copa shume te vogla.Perzijini te gjitha asortimentet se bashku.Krijoni format e qofteve.
Per te krijuar sanduicin me perime perdora 2 domate, 1 kungull dhe 2 speca.Pritini domatet dhe kungujt ne forme rrethore.Pritini dhe specat holle.Vendosni nje domate poshte dhe siper qoften, lart kungullin,specin e pak domate sic e shihni ne figure.


Per te pergatitur salcen e domates mund te perdorni dhe domate te fresketa te copetuara ne mikser (kjo eshte me e mira) , ose salce domateje te gatshme te holluar pak me uje me pare.
Vendosini te piqen ne furren e ngrohur me pare ne 200 ° C.
Ju befte mire!

English version:
Sandwich meatballs with mint, vegetables & tomato sauce

400 gr minced meat
2 onions
a bunch of parsley
an egg
slightly stale bread or rusk flour
salt, black pepper

Thin chop the onions and parsley. Crumble the bread .To make sandwiches with vegetables I used 2 tomatoes, 1 zucchini and 2 peppers .Cut the tomatoes and zucchini in circular shapes. Cut the pepper in thin pieces. Place the tomatoes under the meatball and the zucchini , pepper and a small tomato piece over them.
For the tomato sauce you can use fresh tomatoes or ready made tomato sauce. Put the meatballs in the preheated oven and let them under 200 ° C until they are ready.
Bon Appétit


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Season goodies :)


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