Nuits et Noirs Magazine Nr. 1

my work included too. download the 4th part to see it.[i`m #29]
also check out the link below for more info;)
it`s cool to be part of this cool zine among artists from different places of the world;)

Nuits et Noirs magazine

NN 00 70

The magazine is designed for viewing as a PDF magazine on the computerscreen.

( not designed for printing )


It consists of 4 parts.

One can see it as a groupexhibition in four halls.

Each hall is structured according to a specific poetic logic.


Curated by RAW FORMS, Nuits et Noirs is a free magazine that iscomposed ofcontributions by contacts on social media as Facebook ; Tumblr ; Flickr.


For the first issue there are 35 contributions – from:

FranceU.K., U.S.A., Italy, The Netherlands, Belgium, Spain, Germany, Australia, Hungary, Norway, Albani, Brazil, Argentina, Canada, Romania, Greece, Austria, Japan


All worksarethe property of thecreators.

All creators are mentioned in the PDF files, as well in the list below.

No use of any material is allowed.


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