Roasted aubergines with pizza cheese and tomato / Patllixhane te pjekur me djathe pice dhe domate


To make this super easy & super yummy dish you`ll need:

8 eggplants
4 tomatoes
pizza cheese
16 garlic cloves
a little amount of olive oil to spray over the aubergines

Cut the aubergines into four parts as shown in the figure.Let them in salty water for a while.Afterwards don`t rinse them from the salty water , just take them from the bowl.Put them to be baked in the oven adding some garlic and basil over them.Pour some olive oil over them.
After they are baked for a while , add the pizza cheese and tomato slices over each aubergine part.
You can add some pepper over them.Then let them to be baked for some more time.
Bon Appétit !

Per te pergatitur kete recete do t`ju duhen:

8 patllexhane
4 domate
16 thelbinj hudhrash
piper i zi
fare pak vaj per te lyer taven dhe per te sperkatur siper patllexhaneve

Pritini patllexhanet me 4sh sipas formes qe shihni dhe ne figure.Lijini pak ne uje me kripe qe ti ike hidhesia, por me vone mos i shpelani , qe te perdorni kripen qe eshte perzier me to dhe mos shtoni kripe tjeter.
Vijini ne tave per ti pjekur dhe shtojini siper dhe hudhrat dhe borzilokun. Sperkatini pakez vaj ulliri siper.Pasi te piqen per nje periudhe , nxirreni taven dhe shtojini siper djathin e pices dhe feten e domates si dhe piper te zi nese deshironi.
Lijeni te piqen serish deri sa te marrin nje ngjyre te kuqerremte.

Ju befte mire!

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