Vegetarian Lasagne / Llazanje vegjetariane

Making of vegetarian lasagne was absolutely easy and the result was much more tasty (according to me :).
The title says it all.Instead of the normally used ingredients , this time vegetables was used.To make it ever more healthy the top was covered with yoghurt and feta cheese and not with Béchamel sauce.
Ingredients for vegetable lasagne:

fresh sheets of lasagne pasta (you can use ready made ones or make them yourself)
chopped carrots zucchini , aubergines,peppers .(2 from each)
a handful of chopped dill
small amount of olive oil
black pepper

For the upper covering :
some feta cheese and homemade yoghurt

The lasagne sheets are boiled in the water.The vegetables will be cooked in pressure cooking.This will make you save unnecessary oil and time and they will taste so much better. You can add some olive oil and salt to the pressure cooker.Add the dill after they are ready.
Put the sheets of lasagne pasta and add the vegetables over them.Repeat this as many times you want.

Mix the yoghurt and feta cheese together in one bowl. Put this mixture over the last lasagna sheet.
Afterwards bake the lasagna at 180° until it`s ready.

I hope you`ll enjoy this version, i did a lot:)
Bon Appétit !

Per llazanjen vegjetariane do t`ju duhen:

pete llazanje (mund ti pergatisni dhe vete ose ti perdorni te gatshme)
karrota,kunguj,patllexhane,speca te prera ne forma te vogla kubike (2 cope per cdo perime)
nje grusht me koper te grire holle
pak vaj ulliri
piper i zi

ne vend te sosit Beshamel u perdor : kos shtepie dhe djathe i bardhe

Zijini petat e llazanjes.
Perimet gatuajini ne presion duke i shtuar pak vaj ulliri, kripe dhe piper.Do te behen me te shijshme dhe do te evitoni yndyrnat e teperta.Ne fund shtoni dhe kopren siper tyre.
Shtrojini petat e llazanjes ne tepsi dhe siper tyre vini perimet me kopren.
Kur te mbaroni me shtrimin e petes se fundit te llazanjes mbulojeni kete te fundit me miksin me kos dhe djathe te bardhe.
Piqeni llazanjen ne furre me 180° deri sa te jete gati.
Shpresoj t`ju shijoje kjo lloj llazanje.Mua me shijoi shume:)

Ju befte mire:)

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4 thoughts on “Vegetarian Lasagne / Llazanje vegjetariane

  1. Xenia

    I was thinking about Lasagne a couple of days, thank you for reminding about it, I’ll definitely make it this Friday:)

  2. Desada

    Per sa kohe duhet te ziejne perimet ne tenxheren me presion?

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