Nice memories and one Albanian traditional recipe:)

Last year at the school i was a student i had the good chance to cook Albanian food to 80 Danes:) The school`s chef helped me a lot with it actually i owe it to her:) It all started one day i was whining on how much i missed Albanian pie.
So she decided to make an Albanian food day:)Yay!
I decided to cook Tave Elbasani a traditional Albanian recipe, as well as some pie and oregano bread.As per dessert i cooked tresleches , but that`s not Albanian anyways:)
Now i still can`t believe that inly 2 people (me and her) did everything in 5 hours ;)For a moment i thought i was a protagonist of `Run Lola Run` 😉 But that`s fine, i had so much fun:)
Tave Elbasani is a traditional Albanian recipe where you mix the lamb meat with yoghurt, but actually you can do it with other kind of meat as well,so we decided to use chicken as a lighter version:)
We used a total of 140 chicken thighs;) The chef told me people might wanna eat more than one thigh per each person.How right she was:)


Ingredients for TAVE ELBASANI

140 chicken thighs
8 lt yoghurt(Greek or Turkish full fat yoghurt)
7 cups of rice
10 chicken bouillons
20 eggs
20 spoons of flour

that was the ingredients for 80 people;) do yourself the math for your family:)

The chicken thighs were boiled first [reminder: don`t boil the lamb meat only the chicken one has to be boiled first the lamb can be just baked]..Please don`t forget to add the bouillons to the water before boiling them.

I let the rice get slightly softened in water for a while, but not totally boiled.

Afterwards put the rice and chicken thighs on the baking tin.

I mixed all the yoghurt, eggs, salt ,pepper ,flour altogether.
Then i poured them over the boiled chicken thighs and rice adding some butter over it.
Then put them to be baked under 180° in the oven.
Make sure to let it be baked until the upper surface gets a slightly brownish color.
When it gets so you now it`s ready:)

Unfortunately i didn`t have the camera with me that time so i missed the chance to take lots of photos, but thanks to the chef , i got 1 memory pic from her.Here it is 🙂


Conclusion? Everybody loved the Albanian oregano bread, tomato-onion pie and Tave Elbasani.Tresleches was also very much nicely commented but that`s not Albanian anyways;)
I was glad and proud to see how the recipes of my country were so much liked and how everyone was so eager to get the recipes from me in order to do them theirselves:)

So if you haven`t tried this yet, do now;) I`m sure you`re gonna like it too:)

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