Roasted veggies/Perime te pjekura


Roasted veggies are a great and healthy treat during all the year, but i`d guess summer is the best time ever to try them, since all the vegetables are fresh and much more tasty.
For this simple dish you`ll need:

For 3-4 persons:

5-6 ripe tomatoes
6 zucchini
5 eggplants

5 peppers
some garlic cloves
one onion if you wish
olive oil
salt,black pepper, oregano

Cut the veggies in thin , circular shapes. Chop the garlic and onion as well. Mix the  veggies with the onion and garlic + the salt,pepper and oregano. Place them in a flat plate and pour some olive oil over them. Bake them under   175 °  until they are ready.

Tip: i add some vinegar while serving`s  up to you of course , to add it or not 😉

Bon Appétit !

Shqip- Albanian

Per te pergatitur 1 tave me perime te pjekura per 3-4 persona ju duhen:

5-6 domate te pjekura

6 kunguj

5 patllexhane

5 speca


qepe sipas deshires

vaj ulliri

kripe,piper i zi, rigon

Prejini  perimet ne forme rrethore dhe holle.Pritni ne copa te imta dhe qepen dhe hudhrat.Perzijini perimet me qepen & hudhrat si dhe kripen,piperin dhe rigonin.Vendosini mbi nje tepsi te holle dhe sperkatni vaj ulliri siper tyre. Lijeni te piqen ne furre nen 175 ° deri sa te behen.

Shenim: Pasi piqen , tek i servir une i shtoj dhe pak uthull siper.Por kjo eshte sipas deshires suaj sigurisht:)

Ju befte mire!

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