Walnut & albumen cookies


I`ve always loved this kind of cookies:) The preparation is very easy and you get cookies superb and peculiar taste.
They are quite popular in Albania, but in Turkey as well.



10 egg whites (or albumen)
400 gr walnuts
200 gr of sugar
1 flat spoon of starch

Chop the walnuts in very small pieces using an electronic chopper. Whisk the egg whites until you get this foamy, sticky form.Then mix the walnuts,sugar and walnuts together.Put them all in a deep pan and stir them for about 20 minutes so you`ll get a thick mixture.Take it of the pan and put it in a bowl.Mix it with the starch and let it wait in the fridge for a while.
Take it from the fridge and form the cookies in the shapes that you want out the mixture .Bake it under 150 ° C until they are ready.
Bon Appétit !


Albanian – Shqip

Receta e biskotave me arra


10 te bardha veze
400 gr arra
200 gr sheqer
1 luge e rrafshet niseshteje

Copetojini arrat mire ne mikser.Rrihini te bardhat e vezeve sa te perfitoni masen e shkumuar dhe ngjitese.Perzijini vezet,arrat dhe sheqerin bashke dhe me tej vijini ne nje tenxhere dhe perzijini per 20 minuta deri sa te trashet ca masa.Me tej hiqini prej tenxheres dhe vijini ne nje tas .Shtojini dhe niseshtene dhe perzijini.Lijini ne frigorifer per nje kohe .Me tej hiqeni prej andej dhe krijoni format qe deshironi per biskotat.Piqeni ne 150 ° C ne furre deri sa te jene gati.
Ju befshin mire!


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