Refreshing tip of the day : Cold fruit salad


Fruit salads are some of the best things to eat during hot summer days. Nutritious and energizing , they are a must to fight the fatigue caused by dehydration.
To make this super easy fruit salad i used:


Half a melon
2 nectarines
2 apricots
half a banana
one slice of watermelon

Take the seeds of the melon away , to create a natural fruit bowl:) Cut the nectarines,apricots and banana in small pieces.Fill the melon with all of them and add the slice of watermelon on top.

Bon Appétit !


Sallate e ftohte me fruta:

Gjysem pjepri
2 nektarina
2 kajsi
gjysem banane
nje cope e vogel shalqi

Pritini nektarinat, kajsite dhe bananet holle.Hidhini te gjitha siper pjeprit te cilin e perdorni si nje tas natyral pasi ti hiqni farat.
Ju befte mire!

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