Prohibition Incoveniences

Dear Readers!

You may have heard of the “wordpress prohibition” in Turkey.For that reason I haven’t been able to post like I want the previous days!:( I’m so sorry, hope this incovenience will end a.s.a.p.
Menwhile I have posted 2 new posts, but I’d like to know if you see the pictures in them as I can’t control it from here.Please kindly let me know..
All the best and thanks for your non-stop support! ­čÖé

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3 thoughts on “Prohibition Incoveniences

  1. what I see are some squashes?…only one picture…

  2. te gatime flash, s’ka asnje foto…

    hope you’ll be able to blog as you want very soon!

  3. flm ├žuna e goca..mendoj se do kaloj ne blogspot nese vazhdon kjo pune qe si├ž duken bathet do vazhdoje:(

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